Schedule C is the form used in your federal tax returns that reports income you've earned when you are self-employed or are paid via 1099 (as opposed to a W2).

With part-time gigs and side hustles like ride-sharing, freelance work or consulting, blogging, house-sitting and dog walking you will receive a 1099 at tax time for the money those jobs earned you.

Because that income is reported differently and can have expenses written off against it, we need to take a closer look at your returns to determine what your actual qualifying income is. We also need to show a 2-year history of that income in order to count it towards the income you can use to qualify for a mortgage.

Therefore, in addition to the regular documentation needed, we also need all pages of your last 2 years' tax returns.

For more details on the mortgage process and documentation, listen to episode 6 of Erin's MortgageCast podcast.


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