Day 1 Certainty


Making the loan process easier!
Greenway is making the loan process easier with Day 1 Certainty! Day 1 Certainty is a data validation tool backed by Fannie Mae that allows us to confirm and update your assets and income with the click of a button.

Prior to Day 1 Certainty, you would have to manually provide us with several months’ worth of documents just to verify
your assets and income, often multiple times during the loan process. With Day 1 Certainty, we can automatically collect
all your information and update it as needed.

Using Day 1 Certainty, helps us provide you with a SMOOTHER loan process and a faster closing. Some exclusions do
apply as there are certain parameters the loan must meet to determine if it fits Day 1 Certainty criteria.

• Fannie Mae Loans Only
• Verifies income and assets electronically
• No income docs or bank statements required
• Employment types limited; W2 and some self-employed
• Appraisal may not be required
• Restrictions apply, talk to your Greenway Loan Officer for more information.
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