Greenway's Delayed Mortgage Program

Greenway's Delayed Mortgage ProgramDelayed Mortgage Program

Leverage the power of a cash offer with the security of a traditional mortgage product.

Get your dream home in a competitive market. With our Delayed Mortgage Financing Program, Greenway's clients are able to win bidding wars with an all-cash offer upfront, close with their cash reserves, and recoup their assets once the transaction closes without having to wait the traditional 6 month seasoning requirement.

Program Benefits:

  • Beat out the competition with stronger cash offer.
  • Consider a broader range of properties.
  • Allows investors to remain liquid.

How Does Delayed Financing Work?

  1. Purchases a property in cash.
  2. Apply for the Delayed Mortgage Program.
  3. Client utilizes the cash received at closing to replenish cash used to acquire the property.

Fine Print:

  • Conventional mortgage guidelines, limits and ratios - with some caveats/restrictions.
  • Funds may be obtained from personal accounts and loans not secured by the subject property.
  • Application must be made within 6 months of the closing date.

Eligibility requirements, exclusions and other terms and conditions apply.